What We Do


The three main priorities of KISS are supporting children with education, healthcare and helping them to build a better community. Ultimately, in all that KISS does, we strive to enable children and parents to become self sufficient.

KISS supports children at every stage of their schooling including nursery, primary, secondary, college and university education. The need in Hoima and Kasambya is great and there is always more that can be done. However, below is a list of ways KISS currently supports children with their education:

  • School fees
  • Books, pens, calculators and other equipment
  • Uniforms, shoes
  • School meals
  • Boarding requirements (mattresses, bedding, toiletries)
  • Provision of a well stocked library and computers with KISS staff offering a safe, supportive place to study afterschool and at weekends
  • Working together with schools to offer seminars (eg healthcare, child protection)
  • Supporting schools with equipment (eg sports equipment, science equipment, computers)
  • Parent education (eg. Primary healthcare, children’s rights, the importance of children’s education)
  • Providing transport and mobility aids for children who live in remote areas or have disabilities to enable them to attend school.
  • Offering income generating projects to families to allow children to stop work and start school

One of the greatest barriers that prevents children from accessing education is poor health. Health care in Uganda comes at a cost, meaning that many cannot afford even simple treatments. KISS provides:

  • Emergency care in life threatening situations
  • Primary healthcare seminars for children, parents, teachers and community leaders for awareness and prevention
  • Ongoing support to children with HiV and other ongoing, life limiting illnesses
  • Access to specialist help and education for children with disabilities
  • Advocacy for the rights of children with disabilities, HiV and other serious problems
  • Support for children who have been the victims of violence, neglect or other childhood trauma

Building Community
Over the last 20 years KISS has become an incredibly important part of the communities in Kasambya and Hoima. The KISS sites are a place where everyone is welcomed. Children are able to play and talk together while parents are able to offer each other friendship and advice. KISS sites are also a safe space for members of the community who are in particular distress or hardship.

KISS staff run a varied programme of afterschool, weekend and holiday activities for the children, parents and wider community. Activities include sports tournaments, music competitions, opportunities to learn in an informal setting, parties and celebrations of the term’s achievements.

KISS also encourages and facilitates local action to help members of the community who are struggling with a variety of issues. This might include coming together to renovate a crumbling house, or to help a recently bereaved family to replant a neglected crop field.