Kiss Big Weekend

What’s it all about?

The idea is that you host a dinner party, house party, karaoke night, silly hat wearing party (or any other fundraising event you can think of!) in support of KISS over the course of 7/8th November in order to raise much needed funds but also to help us spread the word about the successful work KiSS (and have some fun with family and friends too!). Take a look at our party ideas to get some inspiration!

On the Night

On the night itself we would love to share selfies, group photos and messages of support. You can tweet @kiss_charity using #kissweekend or share photos and messages via the KISS Facebook page. We would also love to provide you with some promotional material to help your guests really understand what KISS is all about. You can find excellent resources on our YouTube channel but we also have flyers explaining our KISS Christmas Campaign. If you would like to be able to share these, please contact us at

After the night

After the Big Weekend we will simply ask you to donate the funds you have raised and stay in touch! You can pay your money in via the donation form . And don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list to keep up-to-date with our latest initiatives, success stories and events. It is as simple as that!

I would like to thank you in advance on behalf of the children in Uganda. Your support is literally life-changing and sometimes even life saving. Thank you for your support!