A Fantastic KiSS Week 2015!

Our brilliant fundraisers at John Henry Newnam had a fantastic KiSS week, here’s a little taster of what they got up to….

KiSS Week 2015 was a great success, we spent the week from the 6th to the 13th of February running fundraising events at JHN. Each day consisted of a lunchtime and evening event with plenty of fun and other fundraising entertainment throughout the school all week, such as busking in the corridors, sweet sales, Year 7 Cake Sales and individual sponsorships. Our events consisted of some classics such as: JHN’s Got Talent, Stars In Their Eyes and Take Me Out.

We also added in some brand new events such as: Through the Keyhole and brought back Superstars. A new feature we decided to include this year was a quote from one of the KiSS kids on the tickets and to make it a theme in the event. We did this because we felt there was no better way of describing KiSS to our audience than by using descriptions of those KiSS has helped. All of the events went really well and was enjoyed by us on the team and everyone else who came to watch.

KiSS Week was a week filled with laughter and entertainment all while raising money for KiSS to help our friends in Uganda who we had the wonderful opportunity of meeting over Christmas. It was so lovely to see how the whole school community at JHN pulled together this year, just like every other year, to do such a great job for a such a great cause. This really shows how special KiSS is as a charity as it can make people do great things together.

Ending KiSS Week was a big day for everyone as it marked the end of all the fun, but we made sure we ended with a bang – and of course a gunging! The KiSS Carnival marked the end and it really highlighted the close-knit community of the school as each year group had their own fundraising stall and so many people pulled together to set up the Sports Hall and help the carnival run smoothly. We ended the week with a massive total of £35,000! Each one of us on the Head Boy Head Girl Team were so proud along with every other member of JHN as we all knew how much the money was going to benefit the KiSS communities and change so many lives by allowing children access to education or a better quality of life. KiSS Week was a special time for and it always will be for years to come.

One thought on “A Fantastic KiSS Week 2015!

  1. March 23, 2015 at 10:05 pm

    A Big Thank You to kiSS Team I would love to join you in December I will do any thing to help young people in Uganda

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